The OpenO2 Mobile Workshop

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Malawi hard and we felt we needed to respond in as proactive way as we could. With a donation from funds raised by students at we were able to purchase a used minibus and convert it to a mobile workshop. This enables us to visit hospitals to conduct concentrator repairs in an efficient way, with all the tools and test equipment at our fingertips, in our own controlled environment. We estimate that there are more the 350 "dead" concentrators in the country. If even half of these can be put back into service it can have a significant impact on the COVID pandemic. A average price to repair a concentrator is less than the cost to refill two oxygen cylinders in Malawi, which would last a patient for only 16 hours. The demand for repairs is now so high that we are seeking funds to purchase a second vehicle so we can have two teams in the field at the same time.

OpenO2-Mobile Site visits

Kamuzu Central Hospital - 16 units returned to service

Lilongwe District Health Office / Bwaila District Hospital - 11 units returned to service

Zomba Central Hospital - 10 units returned to service

Mzuzu Central Hospital - 15 units returned to service

Ekwendeni Mission Hospital - 13 units returned to service

Kasungu District Hospital - 8 units returned to service

St. Andrews Health Center - 6 units returned to service

Mchinji District Hospital - 7 units returned to service